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The HCT-City project will study how the HCT concept (High Capacity Transport) can be used for soil and rock transports in cities.

The project has two pilots, one in Varberg and one in Stockholm, with potential of a 50% reduction of trucks in future construction sites.

The project will study how:

  • transport efficiency can be improved and CO2can be reduced by 40% by introducing the HCT-concept(HighCapacityTransports) intocity construction projects.
  • improved designed of vehicles, access control and IT-management on a fleet level can contribute to reaching the above targets including better control of the fleet, the infrastructure, improved driver support and improved traffic safety.

Project partners are RISE, ABT-bolagen, AFRY, Ecoloop, Implenia, Mantum, Parator, Stockholms stad, Sundbybergs Stad, Trafikverket, Uppsala kommun, Volvo Technology, VTI, Varbergs kommun and Wandel Consulting.

The project period is 2021-2024 and the project is funded by the project partners and FFI (Vehicle strategic research and innovation) / Vinnova (Sweden’s innovation agency).


Fredrik Cederstav

Ett projekt med stöd från Fordonsstrategisk Forskning och Innovation (FFI)/ Vinnova